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Shona Olalere

Shona Olalere

"No Kush No Coffee" Book Website and eBook Publishing

Frontdreams had the pleasure of working with Shona Olalere, a talented author, to create a comprehensive website and successfully publish her book titled "No Kush No Coffee" on Amazon. Our objective was to design an engaging website that showcases her book and offers readers the opportunity to enjoy it for free, while also adhering to Amazon's publishing guidelines for Kindle, Paperback, and Hard Cover formats.

Starting with the book cover design, our team meticulously followed Amazon's publishing instructions to create an eye-catching and professional cover that would capture the attention of potential readers. The design not only aligned with Shona Olalere's vision but also reflected the genre and theme of the book, ensuring its appeal to the target audience.

Moving on to the website, we crafted a user-friendly and visually appealing platform that highlights the book and provides readers with a seamless reading experience. The website serves as a central hub where visitors can access and enjoy "No Kush No Coffee" for free, helping to build interest and establish a strong reader base.


Shona Olalere


31 May 2023


Digital Marketing, Website

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