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Our Health and Safety Policy

Updated 17th June 2021

Frontdreams is a company committed to the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in the business. Whether you work directly for Frontdreams or sub-contract to us, your safety is our top priority. Please find our Safety Representative’s contact below.

Health and safety in our organization start from the top down and we encourage open communication between all members of the company when it comes to their safety. Safety in the workplace starts from the top down and management is fully committed to being continually improving our systems and processes. If any member of the company feels at any point that they are unsafe in the workplace, an open line of communication has been set up.

We as a company committed to maintaining a clean and hazard-free workplace and always lookout for new hazards in the workplace. All members of staff and management are required to report any new hazards immediately. New hazards will be analyzed and appropriate action is taken company-wide.

A few measures our organization helps the local community to manage and recover from the impact of COVID-19 include but are not limited to the following:

  1. We Stand by the local community in protecting our staff. We have implemented remote working, that is, working from home for our staff amidst the operational and financial challenges of covid-19. This way our staff can feel safe and be comfortable working. 
  2. We stand by the local community in protecting clients. Our organization is not new to remote technologies, we have helped the community around us by using these remote technologies to hold meetings, sign off documents, and more ... without physical contact. The result has proven safer and faster for both us and our clients.
Frontdreams health and safety procedures are audited twice a year at a minimum but should be continuously updated if new hazards are discovered to process change.
Safety Representative:
Coreen Zakaria
P: +234 703 603 3618
Signed: Management

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