Below you may find all relevant information regarding Internship Programme for high calibre university students.

Through the Internship Programme, high calibre university students have the opportunity to develop their skills, by working for a few weeks in one of our Lines of Service. The programme is designed to give students a real-life experience of what a graduate career in Frontdreams Web Solutions would be like.

University students who manage to secure a position in this programme, and perform well during their internship, may return back to their final year of studies with a job offer upon graduation.

The Internship Program holds during the spring break during the month of February and the summer break. Each year a total of 10 university students are recruited into the internship programme.

Applicants must be in their third year of university, is either a student of Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Visual Arts, and Marketing. And can apply to Frontdreams Web Solutions for internships if they possess any of these skills:

  1. Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP,  CSS, MYSQL and open source CMS.
  2. Basic knowledge of Android Mobile App Programming
  3. Digital Marketing

Internship Application Form

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