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Summer Internship Opportunities

Imagine being the intern on the development of real projects, from web design to coding, database, branding, digital marketing, and forensics. Imagine how much you'd learn—and the opportunities that could unfold. Interns at Frontdreams work on real projects with brilliant people. It's the DNA of world-class care.

Duration: 8 Weeks 

Application closed

Our internship is an eight-week program in which you will work alongside Frontdreams teams solving real, technical problems. Over the course of the summer, you will contribute to meaningful work while receiving support and valuable lessons from a Frontdreams Tech Mentor. You will discover new possibilities and skills that will help you make an impact on the future of technology.

Who you are:

You have a willingness to learn new things quickly and like to be challenged
You are interested in exploring the world of high tech
You have a proven ability to work in a team environment (including extracurricular activities)
You may not have any experience in these fields, but you have a keen interest in computer science, computer engineering, software, and hardware development


You must be able to participate in the program for all eight weeks 
You must be a student or a graduate of any of the following departments: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Information Systems Engineering, Management Information Systems.
You must be proficient in the English language

What's in it for you?

Here is what to expect as a Frontdreams intern:

Training & Mentorship

Learn from professionals while on the job.


Work in groups with employees


Increase your knowledge of tech


Get your hands on real practical projects.


Build long lasting, money making skills


Get professional supervision and evaluation

Are you ready? Here’s how to apply.

Please read the following instructions carefully – remember that your application is partly judged by how well you can interpret requirements:
1. Send a written application to info@frontdreams.com 
2. The subject line of the application email should be ‘2021 Frontdreams Intern Application for Firstname Lastname
3. Attach your resume/cv to the email
4. Attach a letter of Internship request from your university department.

Contact us

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Email us and we will get back to you ASAP, or better still use our contact form
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